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Garage Remotes

With garage remotes it is important to select the exact right unit. The easiest way is by comparing pictures. Both our workshops also have frequency counters to confirm what band they are transmitting at – another important step. Have a look below at the most common remotes we sell, if you can’t see yours don’t worry – we have a huge range available in store.

Click on the pictures for a close-up view.


This is a very common remote in use today. There are a number of alternative remotes that can be programmed to replace this unit. The genuine remote suffers from pre-mature case failure, rendering it next to useless. We encourage our clients to consider alternatives.




The cheapest alternative to the ATA Blue remote. Ultra light weight, easily replaceable battery, robust build quality, programs with exactly the same methods as the genuine.

$29.00 ea or $50.00 for TWO !! 



Merlin 40MHZ

Older style Merlin remote. Code hopping – easily set to your door by matching the 12 dip-switch settings, this can be done in the workshop for you – no problems.





Merlin 432MHZ

Merlin 2 button green, 432MHZ. A really robust little remote. Really easy to program to your door.




Merlin 3 button 434MHZ 

We call this one the “Bear Claw”. Very easy to program yourself to your door. Can also be branded as “Lift master” or “Motor Lift”.




Chamberlain  & B&D 27MHZ

The older Chamberlain 27MHZ remote. Also used on B&D doors. Note that it is 27MHZ – Some B&D units are 434MHZ that is not compatible with this one. This remote uses 9 dip-switches to set the code. Just match the settings on your existing remote. Easy to do or we can do it for you.



Ditec 434MHZ

Ditec 434MHZ remote, fairly robust with 4 buttons. You’ll need an existing / working remote to add one of these. programming is done on site, within 3 meters of the door.




Older ATA with GREEN buttons

This is a curly one. Don’t confuse this with the similar unit with RED buttons – that one is easy. Replacements are no longer available for the GREEN button remote. If you have one of these we can fit a seperate receiver to the door unit and program a newer (smaller) remote to operate the door. The old remotes will still work and you’ll be able to get as many new units as you want.

$149.00 (reciever) $90.00 (remotes)