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Key Duplication


Many businesses claim that they “cut keys”. Most of these have poorly trained sales people using un-maintained, outdated machinery to copy your keys. There is over 3,000 different blank profiles used in Australia. FT&T carries over 2,000 of these types, unlike hardwares etc, who carry the top twenty only.

FT&T use the latest in machinery, from straight duplicators to computer controlled key machines to produce an EXACT copy of your key. Usually an error factor of +_.005mm is acceptable for a new lock. However if this key is copied ten times it strays from the original by too much and if it works at all it will start doing damage to the internals of your locks. This will lead to accellerated wear and broken keys, resulting in you being locked out. Imagine a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy ….. you get the picture.

Selecting the right blank is important, many times there is a better blank to use than the standard, this decison can only be made from experience.

FT&T has a guarantee on all keys cut. If it doesn’t work we will make it work. Simple and straight forward. FT&T cuts over 20,000 keys a year – we get a mere handful back each year, proving that our professional standards for key cutting and machine maintenance is un-rivalled.


It’s amazing how many times we hear “but my car only came with one key when I bought it”. Like most second hand purchases, you don’t allways get everything you do when buying new. All new cars come with a minimum of 2 keys.

With the high costs involved nowdays  to make car keys from scratch after they’ve been lost it is madness to gamble on surviving with only one car key. To get a spare key BEFORE it is lost could be as cheap as $9.80, if lost, it could cost you thousands to get your car going again. Makes it a “No Brainer” to get a spare before you loose your only key.

Most car keys since 1995 include immobiliser technologies known as “Transponders” embedded in the key. Duplicating these keys is a specialist job. FT&T have all the latest equipment and trained staff to duplicate 90% of car keys used in Australia today, usually at a fraction of the cost of the car manufacturer. You wont have to book your car in for the day either, most transponder keys can be duplicated on the spot, while you wait.

Advise to parents ……. The largest demographic for lost car keys is 18 to 25 year olds ……. That first car that has been bought on a budget MUST have more than one key.

FT&T can also produce what we call “Surf Keys” for your car. Many modern car keys have integrated remote controls that should never get wet, kind of risky to leave the car key on the beach, all it takes is someone to pick up the key and wander through the carpark pressing the remote until the correct car is located and stolen. Much better to have a waterproof surf key attached to your leg rope and the expensive remote key locked in your car.