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With a well established reputation for the highest quality products and services, FT&T Security Locksmiths provides locking systems for commercial properties as well as solutions for  residential housing.

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FT&T Locksmithing Fleet

Let’s face the facts of the world we live in today… to home owners, the most important thing in life is the safety and security of our family, but securing our property and hard earned valuables is very important too.

Locked out

Locked Out?

For FT&T, your home and your family’s safety is our highest priority. By choosing FT&T Security Locksmiths you and your family can feel safe and secure in knowing that the job has been done right the first time.

We are a family owned and operated licensed locksmith business. FT&T is an insured team of home security specialists providing quality in home professional locksmith services to the Great Lakes and Manning Valley. We have been doing so since 1988, you don’t last this long in business around here unless you are doing it well…


You’ve just purchased that new home for your family, or perhaps it’s a new apartment. How many keys are out there? Was it a rental property in it’s previous life? Three keys for the previous family, the neighbours had a key for when holidays were taken, the previous tenant’s ex boyfriend still has a key, the relatives had a key in case they were visiting, the lawn mowing man has a garage key, the cleaner still has her key and of course the builder and his subbies still have copies of the key.

You’ve just made a major lifetime purchase and you don’t know who else has access to it.

FT&T can change the combination of your existing locks so that the old keys don’t work, for a fraction of the replacement cost of these locks. In most cases we will automatically re-key as many of these locks to a single key code. In most cases we can set your house up to operate on a single key – how good is that?

If your locks are compatible (and most are) we can usually re-key to a single key for no extra charge other than the cost of the re-key, no more hunting through a ring to find the right key.