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Locked out of my House

YES … we can open your house.

Locked out

Locked Out?

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You will of course have to show proof of ownership – otherwise it’s called Break and Enter.

Usually we just need to sight your driver’s licence – with the correct address on it. Failing that, most documents with both your name and address on it will suffice – of course you’ll also need to have a form of ID to prove that you are you!!


If you are locked out of your holiday rental, we will need to sight your rental receipt as well as some ID.

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We will generally pick your locks to gain entry. By bypassing the lock in this way there is NO DAMAGE to either the lock or your door. In some extreme circumstances (say 1 in 500) we may need to bypass a lock in a more destructive way. In these rare instances we will always have the parts in hand to repair any damage done by using this method.

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