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Lost my car keys

YES …. We can make keys for most cars in Australia from scratch.

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 Since 1995 car manufacturers have been including an Immobiliser system in their cars. This is usually a Transponder chip embedded in the plastic key head. Don’t confuse this with remote openers, most cars will have a chip even if they haven’t got a remote control. Before a car can be started the engine management computer will need to receive the OK from the immobiliser system, this cannot be bypassed, the new key will need the correct chip with the correct coding for your car in it before it will start.

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FT&T have invested heavily in equipment, parts and training to be able to make keys for cars using transponder systems. In most instances we will need to plug our equipment into the OBDII port in your car to enrol a new chip into the system, this is after the mechanical key has been produced.


Some cars (Toyota 1998 – 2006 for example) can be very costly to make keys for when all (or master) keys are lost. The dealer option on these can be very expensive as it entails replacing the ECU or IMMO box as well as the locks and keys. We can interogate these boxes and decipher the Hex codes that hold the chip details, then program this code into another chip that will work with the car – a very specialised service that not all locksmiths can perform – this can result in HUGE savings over the dealer option.

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When calling please have the following information handy, this will ensure that we can give you an accurate estimate of costs.


MAKE ….. MODEL ….. BUILD DATE ….. VIN ……..


Sometimes we will also quiz you on things like “what colour was your old key head” or “did it have a remote”. We aren’t just being nosey, the more information we can get the quicker (and cheaper) we can help you.